Scientific meetings

CELINA 2017- Portugal

4th CELINA annual meeting

CELINA - Chemistry for ELectron-Induced NAnofabrication - COST Action CM1301


13 – 16 September 2017


Conference Venue


Seminário do Vilar (R. Arcediago Vanzeller 50, 4050-621 Porto)



Local Organizing Committee


Filipe Ferreira da Silva, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Chairman

Paulo Limao-Vieira, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, co-chairman

Maria José Calhorda, Universidade de Lisboa, co-chairman

Olinda Monteiro, Universidade de Lisboa

Gonçalo Barreto, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Khrystyna Regeta, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa



POSMOL 2015- Portugal

We have hosted for the first time in Portugal the:

XVIII International Workshop on Low-Energy Positron and Positronium Physics


XIX International Symposium on Electron-Molecule Collisions and Swarms


17 – 20 July 2015


Conference Venue


Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, main building



Local Organizing Committee


Paulo Limao-Vieira, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Chairman

Gustavo García, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, co-chairman

Filipe Ferreira da Silva, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, co-chairman

Susana Sério, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Ana Cruz, local secretary



RaBBiT meeting- Portugal

RaBBiT International Meeting 2014


First RaBBiT Laboratory and Radiation Safety Workshop


24 – 26 July 2014


Conference Venue


FCT library building