Alexandra Loupas


PhD student at Department of Physical Sciences

The Open University

Walton Hall MK7 6AA

Milton Keynes, England


and also


RaBBiT programme

Atomic and Molecular Collisions Laboratory

CEFITEC, Department of Physics

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

P-2829-516 Caparica, Portugal
Tel:  (+351)-21 294 85 76 (ext. 10519)

Fax: (+351)-21 294 85 49




Master Degree, Bioorganic Chemistry, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal


2012Graduation, Applied Chemistry, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal


Fellowships and Awards


Best poster ENEBIOQ VII, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

Short Term Scientific Mission [CM1301] from 2015-11-09 to 2015-11-27, "Electron impact electronic excitation and core-excited resonance formation of polyatomic molecules", The Open University, UK


Other Activities

Private tuition from 2007 to present;


Research interests

Theoretical studies of electron scattering of biological molecules, using the R-Matrix method;

Effects of radiation damage in biological molecules at the molecular level;

Software development for scattering calculations.