Research grants

Research Projects

Biologic building blocks and relevant electron transfer processes: an atom-collision study

PTDC/FIS-ATO/1832/2012, Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, Portugal (2013 – 2015);

Nanoscale radiation interactions and their applications in radiotherapy and radiodiagnostics

SPID201200X031248IVO – Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad, Spain (2012 – 2015);

Electron Transfer to Biomolecules

2005/R4, The Royal Society, UK (2006-2008);

Electron Transfer in Biomolecules: A mechanism for damage and repair?

POCT/FIS/58845/2004, Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, Portugal (2006 – 2009).

Research Joint Collaborations

Investigating the effects of incident atoms and associated water molecules on electron capture and ionisation processes in DNA base molecules

British Council, Treaty of Windsor, UK, 2009-2010;

Intelligent DNA lesions and potential application to radiotherapy

GRICES-CNPq, Portugal-Brazil, 2007-2009;

Electron and photon interactions with biomolecules

British Council, Treaty of Windsor, UK, 2007-2008;

Stopping power of electrons in based tissue equivalent materials

CSIC, Madrid, Spain, 2007-2009;

Secondary electron interactions and radiation damage in biomolecules systems

CSIC, Madrid, Spain, 2004-2006;

Molecular Fingerprinting for Atmospheric Sensing

British Council, Treaty of Windsor, UK, 2004-2005;

Electron and photon spectroscopy of molecules relevant to global warming and ozone depletion

University of Liège, Belgium, 2003-2006.

EU Networks

Our Astro-Chemical History

EU COST Action - CM1401, 2014 – 2018;

Chemistry for ELectron-Induced NAnolithography (CELINA)

EU COST Action - CM1301, 2013 – 2017;

Nano-scale insights in ion beam cancer therapy (Nano-IBCT)

EU COST Action - MP1002, 2010 – 2014;

The Chemical Cosmos; Understanding Chemistry in Astronomical Environments

EU COST Action - CM0805, 2008 – 2012;

Electron Controlled Chemical Lithography with molecular resolution – ECCL

EU COST Action - CM0601, 2007 – 2011;

Ion Technology and Spectroscopy with Low Energy Ion beam Facilities – ITSLEIF

Transnational Access, Integrating Activities and Accompanying Measures, Integrated Infrastructure Initiative – I3, FP-VI, 2005 - ;

Radiation Damage in Bio-molecular Systems

EU COST - P9, 2003-2007;

Electron and Positron Induced Chemistry (EPIC)

FP-V, European Science Foundation (HPRN-CT-2002-00286), 2002-2005;

Electron Induced Processing at the Molecular Level (EIPAM)

FP-VI, European Science Foundation, 2004-2008;

Synchrotron Radiation

FP7 Transnational Access Programme, Integrated Activity Integrating Activity to the European Commission, CALIPSO:

Exploring Focused Electron Beam Induced Deposition (FEBID) Precursors by VUV Photoabsorption (2015);

Valence shell electronic spectroscopy of nitrocompounds as studied by high-resolution VUV photoabsorption measurements (2014);


I3 IA-SFS Integrated Activity on Synchrotron and Free Electron Laser Science (RII3-CT-2004-506008), Research Infrastructure Action of the FP6 EC:

Electronic excitation of model systems of non-polar liquids probed by VUV photoabsorption (2011);

VUV photoabsorption spectroscopic studies on commercial and food additives related molecules (2010);

Aeronomic relevant molecules studied by high resolution VUV photoabsorption: plasma processing and biogenic emission species (2009).

Electronic excitation of long chain fatty acids by high resolution VUV photoabsorption: fluorinated and chlorinated carboxylic acids derivatives (2009).

VUV photoabsorption studies of some atmospherically important molecules (2008).

VUV photoabsorption to biological relevant molecules: radiation damage studies at the molecular level (2008).

Electronic state spectroscopy of low vapour pressure molecules: VUV photoabsorption studies in a hot gas cell (2007).

Photon induced excitation of DNA nucleobases by VUV photoabsorption in a new hot gas cell oven (2007).

VUV spectroscopy of biomolecules and other biogenic molecular species (2006).

Electronic state spectroscopy of biomolecules studied by VUV photoabsorption (2005).

VUV spectroscopy of Volatile Organic Compounds (2005).

VUV photo-absorption studies in biomolecular systems (2004).

VUV photo-absorption of molecular species relevant to plasma etching (2004).