Theses Works


Electron–Molecule Reactions: Computational Study of Methods and their Applications
Mr. José Romero, co-supervision and co-tutored with Prof. Dr. Michael Probst, University of Innsbruck, Austria, awarded 2023.

Electron transfer studies in biologically relevant molecules
Mr. Sarvesh Kumar, awarded 2022.

Dissociative processes induced by electron and radical impact with biologically relevant molecules
Mr. Filipe Costa, main supervisor Professor Gustavo García, CSIC, Spain, awarded 2021.

Investigating conformation-dependence in radiation-induced reactions in isolated biomolecules and clusters
Mr. André Rebelo, main supervisor Prof. Samuel Eden, Open University, UK, awarded 2021.

Low-Energy Electron Interactions with Radiosensitisers and Hydrated Biomolecular Clusters
Ms. Rebecca Meißner, co-supervision and co-tutored scheme with Prof. Dr. Stephan Denifl, University of Innsbruck, Austria, awarded 2020.

Understanding hydration effects in electron induced break-up
Ms. Alexandra Loupas, co-supervision with Dr. Jimena Gorfinkiel, Open University, UK, awarded 2020.

Electronic state spectroscopy of volatile anaesthetics by HREEL and VUV synchrotron radiation
Ms. Emanuele Lange, awarded 2019.

Probing radiosensitizers in electron transfer experiments
Ms. Mónica Mendes, awarded 2019.

Negative ion formation in potassium-purine molecules collisions
Mr. Tiago Cunha, awarded 2018.

Reactive electron scattering from biomolecules
Ms. Carolina Matias, co-supervision and co-tutored scheme with Prof. Dr. Stephan Denifl, University of Innsbruck, Austria, awarded 2015.

Target-specific multiphysics modelling for thermal medicine applications
Mr. Dário Rodrigues, main supervisor Prof. Pedro Pereira, ISEL, PT, awarded in 2013.

The role of electron transfer to DNA sugar-phosphate base units: evaluation of single strand breaks and their implications
Mr. Diogo Almeida, awarded in 2013.

The Role of Halouracils in Radiotherapy Studied by Electron Transfer in Atom-Molecule Collision Experiments
Mr. Rodrigo Antunes, awarded in 2011.

Electron driven reactions in complexes embedded in superfluid He droplets
Mr. Filipe Ferreira da Silva, co-supervision and co-tutored scheme with Prof. Dr. Paul Scheier, University of Innsbruck, Austria, awarded in 2009.


Computerised system for brachytherapy planning
Mrs. Graça Pimenta, FCT-UNL.

Characterisation and assembly of a biomolecular oven
Montagem, teste e caracterização de um forno para sublimação de moleculas biológicas
Ms. Ana Sofia Fernandes, FCT-UNL.

Electronic States Characterization of the Anaesthetic Halothane by High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
Mr. João Ameixa, FCT-UNL (2015).

Reflectron TOF mass spectrometer
Mr. André Rebelo, FCT-UNL (2015).

Electronic state spectroscopy of volatile organic compounds and their lifetimes in the Earth’s atmosphere
Ms. Cláudia Serralheiro, FCT-UNL (2015).

Ionic implantation and gold thin films characterization within MARE
Ms. Ana Mafalda dos Santos Bustorff Guerra, FCT-UNL co-tutored scheme with Universidade de Lisboa (2014).

Assembling of a charge particle’s detector and its performance
Mr. Tiago Cunha, FCT-UNL (2013).

Electron transfer damage to aminoacids
Mr. João Rafael, FCT-UNL (2013).

Synchrotron radiation spectroscopy of acetone for diabetic patients
Espectroscopia da acetona em diabéticos por radiação sincrotrão
Ms. Marta Isabel Rodrigues Nobre, FCT-UNL (2013).

Aminoacids damage studies by electron transfer in atom-molecule collisions
Degradação de aminoácidos por transferência de electrão em colisões átomo molécula
Ms. Mariana Lança, FCT-UNL (2012).

DNA nucleotides damage in atom-molecule collisions: negative ion formation
Decomposição de bases de ADN por colisões átomo-molécula: formação de iões negativos
Ms. Carolina Matias, FCT-UNL (2011).

Comparing two optimizing algorithms for interstitial brachytherapy dose
Ms. Sara Ferreira, FCT-UNL (2010).

Electron transfer in DNA bases by atom-molecule collisions
Transferência de electrão em bases de ADN por colisões átomo-molécula
Mr. Gonçalo Martins, FCT-UNL (2010).

UV radiation effect in biological interest molecules: low chain fatty acids
Efeitos da radiação UV em moléculas de interesse biologic: ácidos gordos de cadeia curta
Mr. António Vicente, FCT-UNL (2008).

Electronic state spectroscopy of biological relevant molecules by synchrotron radiation: acetone and pyrimidine
Espectroscopia de estados electrónicos de moléculas de interesse biológico por radiação sincrotrão: acetona e pirimidina
Mr. Filipe Ferreira da Silva, FCT-UNL (2007).

Adenine and thymine thin films UV-visible radiation characterisation
Caracterização de filmes finos de adenina e timina por radiação UV-visível
Ms. Ana Maflada Costa, FCTUNL (2007).

Low energy UV radiation of DNA and RNA bases
Estudo dos efeitos da radiação UV de baixa energia em bases de DNA e RNA
Ms. Susana Oliveira, FCT-UNL (2007).

Electron transfer in DNA bases: time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Transferência de electrões em bases ADN: espectrómetro de massa do tipo tempo de voo
Mr. Diogo Almeida, FCT-UNL (2007).

VUV Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules by Synchrotron Radiation: H2O and CH3COOH
Espectroscopia Ultravioleta de Radiação Sincrotrão em Moleculas Biológicas: H2O e CH3COOH
Mrs. Raquel Margarida de Matos Mota, FCUL (2005).

Final Year Graduation Research Project

Electron transfer in DNA bases: data acquisition systems
Transferência de electrão em bases ADN: estudo do sistema de detecção e medida
Mr. Diogo Almeida, FCTUNL (2006)

C60 effusive oven
Fornos de altas temperaturas para a produção de feixes efusivos de C60
Mr. Nuno Filipe Teixeira e Silva, FCTUNL (2000)

Channelplate detector assembly
Montagem e teste de um detector micro-channelplate
Mr. Manuel Gonlçaves Cortes Simões, FCTUNL (1995)